Grandpa, Teach Me to Pray (Student Workbook)

          This is a Student Workbook with spiral binding as well as the text book glue binding.    Don’t let the title of this book fool you. It was written so that even a child could understand it, but it is THE MOST GROWN UP BOOK you’ll ever read.     … Continued

What’s Behind Your Light?

This little 28 page booklet has been the means of hundreds finding the true light and becoming a Christian. It answers the question of, What happens to a person just after death. Many who read it ordered copies for their friends. If you have any doubts about where you will spend eternity, this booklet could … Continued

Struggle to Peace

Can a person know for sure? …that he is going directly to heaven when he dies? Here is a story of a sixth generation Mormon, young lady who chronicles her struggle with this very question. You will sense her happiness and pride in her early life or religion (as a Mormon). Later you will sense … Continued

The Call of a Lost and Dying World and Your Response

The Call of the Lost and Dying World and Your Response Dr. Wilkins uses a very familiar Bible Story in which to send a call to each reader’s heart. It is a true story about four people. No doubt you are represented by one of them. As you read you will discover yourself in one … Continued

The Drama at the Cross

Drama at the Cross is about God’s provision for a person who is suffering and looking for love, forgiveness and peace. This book is an adaptation of a sermon Dr. James Wilkins has preached hundreds of times, with great numbers saved. The original Drama at the Cross was presented 2000 years ago but has a … Continued

Not Even a Nickel, Just a Penny

  “A story of inspiration and praise to my Lord” On the front cover you will see a picture of me and the main statement for my life. This statement has helped me through many dark days of trouble and tears. The other statement you see below is my life verses. Both have given me … Continued

A Baby’s Viewpoint of Life and Death

“God prepared a special little person and sent her into the world. Her life impacted every person she encountered. Now she is gone…but her influence lingers on…” This book tells of the short life of Gracie Lovato. Though she live but a short time on this earth, God used her to teach many lessons for … Continued

The Kindergarten Phase of Eternity

Man was created by God as an eternal being to journey through this uncertain life of 70-80 years. After a brief stop in heaven, the saved will return to this earth where they will dwell for 1,000 years before going into the eternal ages. Your author has designated this short 70-80 year journey as The … Continued

Through The Eyes of Compassion

In secular society where many Christians have become routine in their Christian life, comes a call for Compassion From a Lost and Dying World. Through the Eyes of Compassion, is the third book designed to build Faith Promise Missions. Lesson One – The Spiritual Insight of Man’s Need Lesson Two – The Proper Response of … Continued

The Great Commission, According To Jesus

This book uses the 5 accounts of the Great commission as a magnifying glass to look deeper into the true meaning and understanding of the Great Commission. JESUS USED FOUR MEN TO GIVE THE COMMISSION TO HIS CHURCH In the Great Commission, According to Jesus we see the full impact of the Great Commission. Matthew … Continued

Healing of a Rebel

BITTERNESS, UNFORGIVENESS, and HATRED, effects more people and is often times a more destructive disease than cancer. Through the story of a boy who had been rejected by his parents and wounded by religion Dr. Wilkins dramatically shows the only cure for this disease which plagues the human race. The adventure begins with a car … Continued

Healing Words for Addicted People

Healing Words for Addicted People was written for anyone who is fighting a losing battle. ESPECIALLY… To those who are struggling with addictions! God’s Word promises absolute victory… IF…and when one follows Truths which lift from defeat to Victorious Living Truth One – The Proper Recognition – God Truth Two – The Proper Manual – … Continued

The Carrot Across the River

  Have you ever wondered how Jesus could be so calm and collected as he faced the immanent beating, crucifixion and total rejection he suffered on the cross? AS MAN his pain would be just as excruciating as any other man’s pain. AS GOD he foreknew all the agonies which were about to happen yet … Continued

Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?

How many people struggle from their self-imposed imprisonment which offers no hope of escape? How much do they spend for a counselor in order to “Just make it”? Many…and too much… But they still go back to their usual inferior self, morose and defeated. How will they be able to find the way to become … Continued

Healing Words for Lonely People

Healing Words for Lonely People comes from the heart of a pastor who for over 50 years of experience comforting bereaved or lonely people. In fact, his life was redirected as a result of the sudden death of his brother Wayne. Dr. Wilkins has the vivid memory of the pain and confusion which he experienced … Continued