God’s Cure for Our Nation – E-book

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“Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34

This books is divided into three parts:

The refuting of defeatism. The idea that because we are in the last days there is nothing we as believers can do except just endure. The truth of the Bible is that Revival is possible! This truth will create new hope and faith in today’s believers and help them to continue sharing the word of God expecting Revival!

The reestablishing of God’s mandate to develop a vibrant base in training spirit filled workers. It has always been God’s plan to have in church discipleship training that would lead to not only head knowledge, but heart knowledge. This training is designed to help people win souls, then disciple those new converts so they can go out and win souls.

The clear steps in the spiritual exercise which must be followed for revival. These practices are: Spirit-filled compassionate preaching, Periods of fasting and praying by God’s people, and A re-dedication to the Lord’s Day.

God’s Cure for Our Nation is the perfect book for:

Anyone who has a real, genuine desire for revival.

Anyone who longs to understand what God expects from them personally to bring about revival in their personal life, home, and church.

Any church that would like to study what God expects before he can send revival to a church.