The Caleb Club

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The book The Caleb club will show how anyone can begin this personal ministry of enlisting senior citizens.

Caleb cried, “give me this mountain.” Our cry, “give us back our nation.”

God promised that if his people would repent and turn from their selfish and self-centered ways, He would heal their land.

We seniors allowed our nation to slip away from God! It is our responsibility to lead our nation back to God.

Get started today by joining the Caleb Club.

You will learn the principles of fasting

You will learn what the principles of fasting are
You will be challenged to commit to fasting one meal
You will be challenged to commit to fast for one day each week or longer

You will lean to pray more effectively

Set an exact time or times each day to pray
Become part of a prayer support team
Become part of the pastoral intercessory prayer team

You will learn to become an effective witness

You will learn the Biblical method of witnessing
You will learn to overcome your awkwardness in witnessing and share your faith with confidence
You will learn the importance of being a prayer worker while others are out witnessing

You will learn how to give effectively

Giving of your time is just as important as giving financially
Giving financially to God will produce blessings
Those who can give and those who go will share alike in the reward