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Foreknowledge, Election, and Predestination in the Light of Soul-Winning

$7.95 each Author: Dr. James WilkinsDr. James Wilkins


God must have implemented a way to motivate man to forsake this world and all its allurements and give himself completely to the eternal purpose and plan of God

If God had a purpose for man…

If God had a plan for man…

Then common sense and logic dictates that God must have way to motivate man to fulfill that purpose and plan.

Three doctrines which God placed in the Bible to give this motivation are the doctrines of:


By his Foreknowledge he reveals tremendous future events and rewards which will be given to those who overcome and fulfill God’s plan and purpose for their life.

By his election, God reveals his plan and purpose through individuals.

Through the doctrine of predestination, God propels the believers mind to the eternal. This makes the believer perfectly willing to forsake the trivial matters of this life in order to accomplish God’s eternal purpose and will in his life.

Through the ministry of Paul, we see a man who has a perfect knowledge of these three doctrines and the consuming effect it has on his life.

It is no wonder that the devil works constantly to blind the minds of men in order to keep these three doctrines in obscurity.

In this book the author shows how these three precious doctrines harmonize and further the work of personal soul-winning.