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Milk of the Word

$8.95 each Author: Dr. James WilkinsDr. James Wilkins


The Milk of the Word is a self-help book which will quip the reader to be discipled and take what he has learned and disciple others.

Milk of the Word teaches not only how to know God’s Word but also how to do God’s Word.

  • Rightly divide or study the Bible
  • Establish a prayer time and pray properly
  • True understanding of the tithe and giving
  • Share their testimony in soul-winning
  • Understand the value of the local church
  • Builds loyalty to his new pastor

Milk of the Word is part one of the New Convert Care program, which teaches how to follow up, protect, and develop new Christians.

“If the principles of this book were followed, it would set off a chain reaction in soul-winning and church growth that would enlarge the membership of any church, regardless of its size.” – Dr. Ted Hicks (Former President of Pacific Coast Bible College, and Pastor)