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Thy Kingdom Come

$6.95 each Author: Dr. James WilkinsDr. James Wilkins


The Kingdom is the 1000 year reign on this earth where the faithful saints in this age will reign as priests and kinds with Christ.

Thy Kingdom come reveals the principle which transformed the apostles from unmotivated men into men who could not be stopped. This principle produced tremendous growth in the local churches which led to the evangelization of the whole world.

This book reveals the way that early church leaders such as Apostle Paul and Apostle Peter used to motivate their workers.

The same principle will work in today’s society.

The early disciples were commanded to seek first the Kingdom, look continually for the coming Kingdom and to pray daily for the Coming Kingdom.

Read this little booklet if you want to become a better Christian. You need to know what is going to happen on the earth after soon coming Rapture.