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From Salvation to Service

$1.95 each Author: Dr. James WilkinsDr. James Wilkins


This booklet is designed to be given to the new convert the moment he is saved. It explains the salvation process and teaches him to beware of his adversaries (The Devil and the Flesh)

There are seven principles which, when followed by a new Christian will bring him to a successful, satisfying life of service. David stated in Psalm 40 all seven of these principles in his delightful testimony.

  1. Saved from hell – Reassurance of his salvation
  2. Saved for certain – Reassurance that he can never lose salvation
  3. Saved for a Purpose – Teaches the new convert that God has a plan for their life
  4. Saved for Abundant Life – Through Salvation we have access to the abundant life
  5. Saved but there are Adversaries – Teaches new convert to beware of his new enemies
  6. Saved to Submit – Teaches the new convert the doctrine of baptism
  7. Saved to Serve – Teaches the new convert to stay under the teaching of the local church.