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Growing as a Co-Laborer with God in World Missions

$6.95 each Author: Dr. James WilkinsDr. James Wilkins


This book contains four lessons, designed to be taught four weeks prior to the Faith Promise Commitment Sunday. This book will show the giver that he will become a channel of blessing to those who are benefited from his investments. In turn God makes the receivers of his gifts a channel of blessing back to the giver. You will experience new excitement and spiritual growth in your life as you learn and apply the principles found in this book.

The following is the introduction to the book Growing as a Co-Laborer with God in World Missions by Dr. Clifford Clark –

A man God has used to raise millions for the cause of missions

Dr. James Wilkins, one of the major thinkers and writers for biblical based, Baptist churches, has written this introductory book (for all age groups) on Missionary Faith Promise giving. Dr Wilkins correlates “tithing” and “faith promise” mission giving for our spiritual life now and at the “Judgment Seat of Christ” where Christians will receive their rewards from Jesus Christ.

Dr. Wilkins sees the “big picture” and the foundational biblical principles of giving by faith. Not only will these principles increase your faith but also enlarge the numbers of missionary on the field.

Every Person “young or old” should read and study this book prior to a mission emphasis in the local church. This book should also be studied by all missionary candidates in mission courses, and the leaders in the local church under direction of the pastor.