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Obeying the Great Commission

$10.95 each Author: Dr. James WilkinsDr. James Wilkins


The stress in the great commission to the members of the church is basically two fold. Get the message of God’s love and provision to every creature, and train the new disciples well enough where they can observe or do the work of the ministry, (soul-winning and discipling).

The Results of the First Church Were Unbelievable

  • They had three thousand additions on the day of Pentecost
  • Daily additions, Acts 2:46
  • 5000 men saved, Acts 4:4
  • (Multitudes plural) added to the church Acts, 5:14
  • The church began to multiply, Acts 6:1
  • The church multiplied greatly, Acts 6:7
  • Churches in Judea, Galilee and Samaria multiplied, Acts 9:31

During his sixty plus years in the ministry, Dr. Wilkins has examined what the great commission really says and how each person can be involved in obeying this mandate from our Savior of obeying the great commission.

Dr. Wilkins has served as a church planter (13 churches), pastor of missionary minded churches, on a national missionary committee and as a professor of missions in college.

This book is destined to enrich the lives of all who read it!