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Healing Words for Hurting People

$8.95 each Author: Dr. James WilkinsDr. James Wilkins

  • How do I recover from a broken heart?
  • Is there a way to recover from the hurt?
  • How can a person learn to forgive others?
  • How can I learn to forgive myself?

Perhaps there is nothing more painful, then when someone we love and care about hurts us. Perhaps there is nothing more painful then a broken heart.

Healing Words For Hurting People – God Road Map to Healing

A broken heart produces wounds that go deep and last long. A broken heart creates a pain, a hurt like no other. You feel like a tidal wave is covering you, you feel weak, you feel broken. You cry till there are no more tears to cry. You try everything but nothing takes away the pain. All you can do is lay in bed and sleep, you long for sleep because when you sleep you feel less of the pain. You fear to leave your room. You have friends and family say, “come on”, “get over it”, “I understand your pain”. But in your broken heart you feel no one can know my pain. You try to get away from the pain, but you know that where ever you go the pain will be there too.

Many a person has been wounded by a friend, a family member, a church member or a love. When a person experiences betrayal, hurt, rejection and a broken heart it can leave that person feeling like they are all alone. That person can search desperately for something, anything to take away the pain. Many turn to drugs, alcohol, lust. But with each thing they try it only leaves them more empty. We feel like everyone has turned against us. We feel we cannot trust anyone, and we close off, our heart gets cold and calloused to others around us. The feelings of love and concern are soon replaced with feelings of apathy and disgust and maybe even hate. Soon the bitterness sets in and starts to eat away at our very soul. We see others happy and carefree, and our bitterness grows. Because of our bitterness we long for those “happy” people to hurt like we hurt, or at least for them to feel a little of our pain.

We think in our hearts “how could they do this to me.” “No one cares about what I am going through”. “No one understands the hurt and the pain.” As the bitterness grows it leads us to feel like everyone is gossiping about us, everyone is against us. When others come to comfort us, they leave us empty and hurting more, because they have nothing to offer us, nothing that can take away the pain, the bitterness and the broken heart. But there is one who knows exactly what you are feeling, that One is God. He knows your pain and he wants to show you the road map to healing that wounded heart.

Only God Can Heal A Broken Heart

It is with this in mind that we have published, Healing Words for Hurting People. Countless people have told us about how this book has cured their pain, and restored them back to happy Christians. This book deals with how to overcome the feelings. How to forgive those who have hurt us. But most importantly how to forgive ourselves. Every time we try to do something for the Lord the wicked one, the devil comes around and shoot fiery darts into our minds. He says things like “you not good enough.” “No one will ever love you.” “Everyone will always hate you.” “You want to serve God after what you have done.” “If you start to teach others, you will be nothing more than a hypocrite.”

It is easy to accept that God has forgiven us, it is easier to forgive the one who hurts us, but the hardest thing to do is to forgive ourselves. This book deals with how you can learn to truly forgive yourself.

God has provided a way of healing. Are you tired of hurting? Are you ready for it?