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Good News. Exciting News!

While driving in town today I stopped at one of the local print shops. I know the owner well and we talked about trimmer/paper cutters. After a bit I asked if he had one for sale – used in good working order. He said, as of a matter of fact he did! He had not thought about it but he has up-sized to a huge industrial unit and his smaller commercial cutter was no longer needed. The cutter will cut all the large size paper we could possibly print. It is a hydraulic cutter with two blades and solid steel unit weighing about 300lbs. It is not a cheap computer operated new model. So, the long and short of it is that he will sell it for $1,000.00 and help load it into my trailer. All we need to do is get a few strong helpers to unload it into our building and up a couple steps. Once in the building we can move with the pallet jack. I had not intended to print tracts but now that we are we need a way to cut and trim and fold and staple the tracts. This would be a huge help in this tract printing ministry.
Oh yes, we need to raise the $1,000.00 to pay for it.
No shipping charge, free lessons on how to use it, help loading it up – pretty good deal.

If you would like to help in raising the money to buy this needed cutter, please message me asap.

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