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Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky wrote a book entitled, Literature and Revolution. And in that book he is describing what’s going to come to pass when the communist revolution is established in the world.

"All the emotions which we revolutionists at the present time feel apprehensive of naming, so much have they been worn thin by hypocrites, such as this interested friendship, love for one’s neighbors, sympathy will be the mighty ringing words of socialist poetry. All will be equally interested in the success of the whole. There will be no running after profits. There will be nothing mean, no betrayals, no bribery, none of the things which form the soul of competition in a society divided by classes."

That is Leon Trotsky’s goal of eloquent, poetic, emotion-filled description of the golden Utopia, going to be ushered in by the socialist communist revolutionaries. This made an impression on me because, 1. I read of how Leon Trotsky was murdered. Down there in Old Mexico, while he was in his bedroom, somebody came in after they’d hounded him and hunted him all over the earth; they put an axe that split his brains. And then, 2, I can not help but think of what I have seen in my several visits inside Socialist and Communist countries. The gloom and despair and the sadness written on the face of the people, and the face of the cities, and the face of the whole communist world! For there’s one thing that Leon Trotsky overlooked, and that one thing is; he forgot what God said about human nature. It is unregenerate, it is depraved, and it must be born again. John 3:7, “Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.”