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Sermon Starter: Dr. Joseph A. Carson

How to be Doer/Performer in God’s eye
1 Kings 18:23-40

Elijah was a doer, not just a talker.
Don’t tell me what you are going to do, show me what you have done and are doing!”

Verse 23 “I will dress the other bullock,”
Take action.
The physical work of the ministry.

Verse 24 “I will call on the name of the Lord:”
Communicate with the Lord.
The spiritual work of the ministry.

Verse 25 “Elijah said unto the prophets”
Communicate with the lost.
The pastoral work of the ministry.

Verse 30 “Come near unto me”
Gather the lost.
The continual work of the ministry.

Verses 30 – 33 “And he repaired the alter”, “took 12 stones”, “he built an alter”, “he made a trench”, “he put the wood in order”, “cut the bullock in pieces”, “laid him on the wood”, Leading by example.
The teaching work of the ministry.

Verse 33 “and said, Fill four barrels… pour it on”,
Continuing in instruction.
The “ministry of sticking to it” ministry!

Verse 34 “And he said, Do it the second time …. Do it a third time.”
Repetition in instruction.
The ministry of continuation – consistency – commitment.

Verse 36 “Elijah ..said, Lord God …I am thy servant.”
Declare the true LORD God.
The ministry of affiliation and allegiance to the true God Almighty in Heaven!

Verse 37 “Hear me, O LORD, hear me”.
Praying specifically with intention and direction.
The ministry of intercessory prayer.

Verses 38 – 39 “Then the fire of the LORD fell, ….” Witnessing answered prayer, the power and providence of God.
The ministry sharing God’s Victory.


vs. 40 “Take the prophets of Baal:”.
The consequential responsibilities of ministry.
The ministry of discipline.