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The NTMI headquarters in Los Molinos, CA now has window tinting on all the main level large pane windows.

We expect this to substantially cut the sun and heat. It was 103 F. here today. The plastic tint film is also a safety device in that it helps hold the window together if someone attempts to break it to access to the building. I understand it is now required on all federal government building as a theft deterrent and a help for natural storms.

Little by little, we see progress. Now we need to buy 2 doors to hang on the bathrooms and lay vinyl in the bathroom/shower area as well as the kitchen floor. We are looking for a women’s bathroom cabinet and toilet in good condition. If you know of something that might work, please let me know and also, where is it located. We have priced the items needed for the two bathrooms at about $500.00 sans vinyl. Any and all help for these projects would be most appreciated. You can go to the NTMI website and donate.

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